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Next Inning Technology Research is a premium investment service that guides investors through the highly volatile and constantly changing world of technology. With Editor Paul McWilliams as your guide, you get the advantages of an industry veteran, his vast field contact network and tireless research.

Seasoned with decades of industry experience, McWilliams (Get to Know Him Here) is uniquely able to excel where most tech investors fail. While other pundits obsess over yesterday's tech news, McWilliams reveals what parts and technologies are most likely to be used in new designs. Yesterday's news is already in today's stock prices - the only way to profit in tech is to accurately predict tomorrow's headlines before they are printed.

As a Next Inning member, you will receive extensive analysis of hundreds of tech stocks on a timely and actionable basis - including detailed earnings previews and analysis. Sign up today and gain immediate access to our latest research & ideas!

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  • State of Tech Reports / Guides for Earnings Season: We all know stocks make their biggest moves during earnings season, and with this in-depth report covering more than 70 leading tech companies, Next Inning readers can plot their strategies before prices start moving. Listen to an interview with the editor where he describes his State of Tech report and reveals two stocks he thinks investors should consider today.
  • Commentary, Q&A & Breaking Analysis: Members receive many hundreds of exclusive research notes each year detailing Next Inning's favorite ideas, the latest industry scuttlebutt, tear-down reports, earnings news and more.
  • Special Reports and Primers: When information flow reaches an inflection point, Next Inning publishes Special Reports and Primers to keep members informed of the latest industry developments. Members also enjoy many primers that set a solid foundation of investing fundamentals.
  • Research Archive: Next Inning has published thousands and thousands of research notes over the past ten plus years. Easily search this archive to get up to speed on stock ideas and technologies that you may be researching.

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Additional Next Inning Tools & Research

In addition to covering a wide spectrum of technology and semiconductor companies (if you own it, we've probably researched it), we also provide coverage in the following areas:
  • Valuation & Earnings Quality Assessments: Each quarter, Next Inning publishes detailed fundamental analysis and valuation targets on over 70 key tech stocks, including snapshots of profit margin and inventory trends as well as insights into operating leverage and balance sheet strength.
  • Spot Market Pricing & Capacity Utilization Trends: Trends move quickly in technology. We closely track and comment on all of the key markets: CMOS, DRAM, NOR Flash, memory, and more.
  • Get "Inside" the Technology: Next Inning explains in layman's terms the actual technology underlying today's tech stock winners and losers. Understand which companies truly have durable differentiation and competitive advantage.
  • Small Cap Hidden Gems: Next Inning is laser-focused on finding the next great multi-bagger investment opportunity. We track hundreds of small cap prospects and regularly highlight the best up-and-comers.

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Editor Paul McWilliams

Editor Paul McWilliams, whose writing on tech stocks has been published in Forbes magazine, draws on his more than thirty years of experience and numerous contacts in the technology industry to alert subscribers to companies and technologies that are poised for explosive growth.

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"Paul McWilliams has a knack for cutting to the chase on issues and demystifying the complex inner workings of economics, the market, and stocks. His desire is to educate and his lack of bias is refreshing. Finally, a source of practical information!"

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"I am a fan of the entire format and particularly like the investment philosophy and broad industry observations from Paul. Generally the most thorough and best articulated service around."

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"With the world full of Cramers, your newsletter has set the 'gold standard' for the unvarnished truth in financial analysis. There is no doubt that I'm better off after reading your reports and updates than before."

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"Let me first open by just adding to the chorus of extremely satisfied subscribers. I've been a member now for almost a year and have gotten to the point where I NEVER make a trade in the tech space without first checking what's been posted on the site. It's an invaluable resource and I for one appreciate the time and energy you put into your analysis."

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