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Accolades from Industry Pros

"I have followed the financial newsletter industry for 28 years, reading hundreds of financial advisors. Without doubt, Paul McWilliams offers among the most in-depth, highest quality and well-reasoned research available in the marketplace. I've rarely ever seen an advisor who is as knowledgeable -- and accurate -- regarding the sectors and stocks that they follow."

Steven Halpern, www.thestockadvisors.com

"Paul McWilliams has become the most insightful analyst on the technology scene. I read him devoutly and always learn something." - left as a comment on MoneyShow.com's "Next Inning Scores in Tech Sector" interview

George Gilder, Best Selling Author & Co-Founder of the Discovery Institute

"As a money manager, I spend thousands of dollars annually on investment research, and I value your research more than any others I read. Thank you for your dedication!"

Derek Trammell, Hedge Fund Manager

"I am a fan of the entire format and particularly like the investment philosophy and broad industry observations from Paul. Generally the most thorough and best articulated service around."

Jeff Cohan, Sr. VP Investments, Bannon, Ohanesian, & Lecours, Inc.

"In my forty-three-plus years in this business as a financial adviser, I have worked with several brokerage firms and a large number of securities analysts. The information you provide on the stocks that you follow is the best that I have seen in my career. Maybe the most important thing is the fact that you take some very technical information and explain it in such a way that those of us who are not as technically oriented can understand it. Also, your responsiveness to questions is prompt and very much appreciated."

Sr. VP/Financial Adviser

"I have been in this business for 28 years and I believe your research and calls are the best I have ever seen in my career. Congratulations!"

Ross Strehlow, RBC Wealth Management

"The "just one thing" for successful technology investing is the capacity to anticipate "surprises." More important than earnings, "surprises" are surprise shifts in market power and design trends. These power shifts, up or down, precede earnings surprises. In technology these power shifts can radically alter the outlook for a company or even an entire sector, and are often missed by Wall Street analysts. Identifying these power shifts early is Paul's forte and attributable to his more than three decades of hands-on experience in the tech industry. I know no one better at understanding the changing tech landscape and translating that understanding to profitable investment actions. The Next Inning newsletter is a must read for anyone investing in technology companies."

Russell G. Redenbaugh, Managing Partner, Kairos Capital Advisors

"Terrific analysis in a short time. Now I can throw away the 32 reports from the sell side analyzing Intel's earnings. Good job and keep it up."

Ram Seshadri, Hedge Fund Manager

"The real value of an investment advisory service is in the expertise and insight that can be brought to specific investment opportunities or classes of such opportunities (industries). Paul is exceptional in the technology area and I think he should focus most on what he does best - giving specific company insight on a wide variety of tech companies, the more the better. That said, I recently wrote an "analyst" report on a specific company, have an analytical professional background and 40+ years in the market. I know how difficult it is to have real expertise on more than a handful of companies and applaud Paul for the breadth of his knowledge and his Next Inning efforts."

Jeff B., Investment Analyst

"Paul McWilliams has a knack for cutting to the chase on issues and demystifying the complex inner workings of economics, the market, and stocks. His desire is to educate and his lack of bias is refreshing. Finally, a source of practical information!"

Linda Korrow, President, The Energy Fair

"Thank you, Paul, for this beautiful and appropriate tribute to Steve Jobs. I too was saddened to hear of his resignation. It certainly feels like the end of an era here in Palo Alto, but also feels strangely positive about his immense contribution so far. And I thank you for your contribution so far -- your writing, your analysis and your commentary -- the best in the industry! I am sure you have many more fruitful decades of contribution ahead."

Raj Sharma, PM, Polestar Capital LLC

"Let me first open by just adding to the chorus of extremely satisfied subscribers. I've been a member now for almost a year and have gotten to the point where I NEVER make a trade in the tech space without first checking what's been posted on the site. It's an invaluable resource and I for one appreciate the time and energy you put into your analysis."

Dan Greene, SCM Manager, McKesson Health Solutions

"With the world full of Cramers, your newsletter has set the 'gold standard' for the unvarnished truth in financial analysis. There is no doubt that I'm better off after reading your reports and updates than before."

J.C., Systems Engineer, Northrop Grumman

"I get about 250 emails per day, no spam, so I'm always running fast. I have signed up with various advisors over the years. Next Inning has provided me with REAL information, not constant "how great our company is" emails that waste a good amount of time telling us about what they have done so well in the market in the past. They spend a great amount of time in hiring writers to keep you on the edge of your seat, thinking a recommendation surely is coming up soon on this multi-page email. If they would actually spend half the amount of time watching the markets that they do copy writing, they may actually do some good. What most amateur investors want is an inexpensive program that relates timely advice or recommendations in a short concise method. I admire your company, commentary, and the consistent communication Next Inning provides. Please pat yourself, and team members, on the back for a job well done!"

Brad B., PowerForceEnergy

"Membership has more than paid for itself!"

D. A., Financial Advisor

"Great, in depth analysis from the best and deepest I have seen in my 40 years on Wall Street."

Bob Seward, Financial Consultant, Seward Securities, Inc.

"A great call on AAPL. Last quarter you did the same thing. I have been investing since 1960. I have read hundreds of newsletters. I started Next Inning Tech Research in Sept. 2009 - it is by far the best one I have ever read. Your analysis of the industry, its future and individual companies is the "BEST OF BREED." Thank you! I will remain a loyal subscriber for the rest of my life."

Investment Professional

"My thanks to Paul for his email at mid-day today that gave a preliminary reaction to EZChip's quarterly report. He reminded me of previous writings about EZChip and it being attractive when below $30 per share. At the time I read Paul's email, EZChip was just above it's low of the day at $29, as it turned out. And I took that opportunity to open a position in EZCH, using assets from my recent sale of NetLogic. A very fair trade considering the partial recovery that EZChip staged the rest of today. Paul's call, and especially the timing of the email, were perfect. Please pass my thanks along to Paul."

Ric Koehler, Paladin Consulting LLC

Feedback from Others

"Just wanted to let you know how much you are appreciated. Your service, who you are, you do so much and it is so much appreciated. Thank you. You are TRULY one-of-a-kind. I'm sure I speak for all your other subscribers as well."

Stephen Borts, CPA

"GREAT CALL ON INTC! All those Wall Street analysts need to read and follow your newsletter. They are amateurs compared to you. I know every investor can learn something from you. Your newsletter should be mandatory for ALL business schools. The upcoming MBAs would learn how to do due diligence and thorough analysis that many obviously do not know how to do as they enter the work market. Thank you for your great work!"

EJC, Senior Investor

"Very happy with your research and the way the information is conveyed. I really cannot believe I invested without you for so long."

B. Davis

"After subscribing to Next Inning for about three years, I have become a very enthusiastic promoter for Next Inning. I tell everyone who will listen to become a subscriber ASAP. I believe that the investment advice and the help in establishing value is by far the best I have ever come across."


"Paul McWilliams is a real stand-up person; a gentleman in every respect, and no false modesty. If anything, Paul McWilliams is quite hesitant to take his bows, which are so rightfully deserved. Comes from knowing what you're doing -- and doing it well. Read More...

P.A., Math Teacher

"I just want to compliment you on your in-depth and understandable technological analysis of INTC and DRWI. In addition to the competitive aspects of the tech industry, your ability to translate this into timely financial (investment) metrics is exceptionally unique. I have been a long time investor in INTC and have profited most recently and in part due to your very credible and timely analysis. I understand no prediction of future performance is guaranteed; however, to be informed increases ones odds of success, and you have certainly achieved that."

Greg Fisher

"As a newer member, I can honestly say that not only has Paul McWilliams made me money, his in-depth analysis, prompt replies to member questions, and State of Tech reports have made me a better investor. Given his spot-on number crunching and performance in forecasting the issues he covers, well, I would think anyone trying to make money in the market would seek him out. I speak from the experience of membership in two other stock letters that are far more widely mentioned, and boy, have they lost me some money. I learn a little bit of something new every day from Paul."

F. James

"Thank you for being so on top of things. This sheds a whole new light on the situation... I hope that every subscriber understands how lucky they are to be on the NEXTINNING team... none of us could have gotten this info in such a timely fashion on our own."

Paul Kundrouf

"I am so glad I joined Next Inning. I have learned more in a week than all I have read in two years. Thanks, may God bless you all and keep you always."

Daniel, Former USMC

"Seriously, information from Next Inning has changed my investment results profoundly since I subscribed. I could not be happier. I was doing well before, but returns have increased significantly for the year and I have a much deeper understanding of what's going on in the semiconductor industry. The cyclical nature of these companies was not clear to me before joining. It all makes investing more fun. No questions today; just wanted to say thanks."

Jeffrey Harker, Software Architect

"Thanks again for your advice over the years. You have helped me greatly with your education of the tech-semi sector. Before your service I was not very successful in tech investing, but have done very well over the last five years, considering the market environment. Best regards and look forward to your advice in the future."

Henry Little

"Every trading day, I eagerly await Paul's emails so that I can be more knowledgeable about the technology world. I am definitely a very happy student and eyebrows are raised when I am able to discuss some of the companies in great detail that Paul writes about with my friends and family! May all our longs go up and our shorts go down!"

Irene Samuel

"Paul McWilliams has no peer; there are no other analysts in his class. He has actually worked in the industry he covers, giving him the ability to perceive things about which other analysts don't have a clue. And his credibility is enhanced by being independent of any financial institution. It would be very difficult to improve on the Next Inning service."


"Paul McWilliams is enjoyable to read because he lightens up the technical information that is otherwise unappealing and difficult to digest."

William Bennett

"Thank you for the Help Tips note. I have already made more than enough money on DragonWave to pay for this year's subscription. Keep up the excellent work."

Jim Biffle

"Dear Mr. McWilliams, I would just like to thank you for the many occasions you help me to understand developments, situations or simple facts. Every day that I get the chance to read your many e-mails (it's not always possible, my job and my family keep me very busy!) I am learning a lot. I did not expect this when I subscribed to your service, but it is a great experience. So please keep up the great work!"

Thomas Altorfer

"I have learned more from Next Inning than any of the other services (4) I subscribe to and I think that Paul's perspective is very unique and irreplaceable. I found the list of "beta bouncers" and the suggestion to buy the market in November and December very useful... I really appreciate the calls to buy and sell "trading shares" and I did very well on the most recent one-thank you for that. And I really like the new "State of Tech" format-so much easier to access and understand the information. I also like the commentary on general market trends and would like to see more of that as long as this recent volatility persists."


"Thanks a lot for taking the time to discuss "cloud computing." As usual your discussion was informative and easy to understand. Again, I would like to compliment you on your investment service. The insight you have given me into the interrelationships involved in the tech industry alone have been worth the price of my subscription. It's a breath of fresh air to get a perspective from someone who has been deeply involved in the industry; as opposed to what comes from the Street. Thanks again."

Henry Little

"You do a great job taking a typical standard investment article one step deeper by educating the reader on "why" this company will succeed. Your education provides the basics everyone can quickly understand, it focuses on the company's technology, the company's customer market, and application. It is a great mix."

Mike Clauson

"Out of respect for what Paul has to share and teach us, I have always referred to him as "Prof. Paul McWilliams". The last report about covered calls is just superb. Experts like to comprehend the comments of Fed Chief, I like to comprehend what Paul McWilliams writes. I usually read it more than once and then make the changes in my style of trading. Needless to say that I have benefited from it."

Suren Kapadia

"Paul's experience, knowledge and insight into future trends within the semiconductor and broadband sectors are priceless and unmatched by any I've come across in my investing research."

User 'PhilT'

"I've been reading your newsletter for the past six months and have found it very informative from an investment perspective. I subscribe to a few investment letters but found yours to be the most useful/valuable to me. I appreciate the large effort put in by you in constantly updating us, which I don't see very much in other newsletters."


"You know, this last year I subscribed to 4 or 5 newsletters. This [Next Inning] is the only one that I felt that I couldn't survive without. Keep up the good work..."

W. Weaver

"Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your recent piece and especially appreciate its very low (almost non-existent) financial leverage. At your target price I'll also be a buyer. Another example of your extremely well rounded approach to stock evaluation (technology, sales, management, financial measures, intangibles). Don't even think about lowering the cost of your service! I didn't make it to Telecosm, but appreciated your news from there, too. All in all I obviously continue to be a very happy subscriber and just wanted to say so."

E. L.

"I thoroughly enjoyed Phase I. As a matter of fact, now that you've got me saying it, I find myself rehashing your words whether driving down the road, raking the yard, or sitting quietly. Who would have thought a man from Kansas was going to get so many of my thoughts? Anyway, thank you for sharing your knowledge with those of us that are less experienced."

User 'kduff'

"Thanks for your updates, Paul. You bring reason and comfort to me; both of which I need and am grateful to have."


"Thanks for the input! You bring up a very valid point and I don't mind hearing it at all...one of the main reasons I subscribe to your service is for this very thing. You give me all the information, advice & tools to make good educated choices....so thanks for that!"

MGE investor

"I'm a new subscriber and am really enjoying your service so far. I'm a recent MBA grad with a background in tech, so your style is a good fit for me. Reading your notes is like having an instructor in the market. Of course, your real time instruction is way cheaper than what I was paying for my MBA! Looking forward to learning much more!"

Dave Walton

"This is why I returned to Next Inning. Frank, honest, straight to the point analysis you provide on each aspect of your work. Not twisted opinions with erroneous information that I have read from others and no longer subscribe to. Thank you."

B. I.

"Thanks for the great work that you do! I find your insight and perspective quite refreshing. No hype! No wild conjecture! Not so overly academic that a non-scientific, non-technical outsider can't understand what you are pointing to. Not an easy task to accomplish! Even us art types can follow!!!"

P. Casanova, Casanova Glass Studio

"I have been a subscriber of Next Inning for only a few months and already find your analyses (financial and technical) to be outstanding. I am a CPA by trade and am very, very impressed with your financial analyses in particular. Wished I had subscribed to your service sooner."

P. A.

Editor Paul McWilliams

Editor Paul McWilliams, whose writing on tech stocks has been published in Forbes magazine, draws on his more than thirty years of experience and numerous contacts in the technology industry to alert subscribers to companies and technologies that are poised for explosive growth.